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Integrity Program

We at Bromelia Capital, through the Integrity Program, seek to conduct our business following the highest ethical standards, and adopting values and principles that, over time, have evolved into what we call today "Bromelia's Culture".

To maintain these precepts of integrity, we disclose our Code of Ethics and Conduct, establish policies and procedures, assess business risks and promote an ethical relationship with customers, suppliers and partners.

The Integrity Program also serves as a mechanism for the prevention, detection and remediation of acts that violate or may violate the law, our Code of Ethics and Conduct and other internal corporate regulations related to the conduct of business.

We reinforce this commitment daily so that everyone involved in Bromelia Capital's operations follow the same principles together, strengthening transparency and ethics and, in this way, collaborating towards an increasingly fair society.

Our Process

Our compliance system consists of three basic pillars: prevention, detection and remediation of risks and misconduct. These elements are fundamental to the promotion of an ethical and transparent organizational culture.


Code of Ethics and Conduct

Bromelia Capital's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is a practical guide to the values considered fundamental by the group. The document, inspired by moral principles and management beliefs, represents our commitment to ethics and upright business conduct.

The Code presents a set of guidelines that will serve as a reference to guide the actions and decisions of all employees, regardless of hierarchical level. In addition, it shows the essential elements that must be present in all of the company's relationships, whether with partners, customers, employees, suppliers, service providers, contractors, consortium members, competitors, governments, the community, or society. It also brings the appropriate way to report suspicious conduct or clear violations.

The adhesion to Bromelia Capital's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and the fulfillment of the principles and guidelines established therein are essential conditions for the company's performance.

Navigate through the document to know better the practices adopted by Bromelia Capital.

Access our Code of Ethics and Conduct


Code of Conduct for Business Partners

The purpose of this Code is to establish the guidelines to be followed by Bromelia Capital and its business partners (suppliers, distributors, representatives, resellers and others), in compliance with internationally recognized and approved standards in areas considered essential, such as, but not limited to: human rights, professional ethics, working conditions and respect for the environment.

Our business partners are expected to do exactly the same, i.e., to maintain relationships only with partners who meet these same standards.

This document is applicable to all partners, and the guidelines set forth here should be interpreted as integral to the agreements entered into by the company. Non-compliance with this Code of Conduct may cause the interruption of contractual relations, without prejudice to other applicable legal measures, if applicable.

Navigate through the document to know better the practices adopted by Bromelia Capital.

Access our Code of Conduct for Business Partners


Reporting Channel

How does it work?

Send your complaint by e-mail to:

No identification is required, and anonymity is guaranteed. All reports are treated confidentially and confidentially, without any exposure of the reporter.



This is an exclusive channel for safe and, if desired, anonymous communication of attitudes considered unethical or that violate Bromelia Capital's standards of conduct.

The information registered here will be received by Bromelia Capital's Chief Compliance Officer, assuring absolute secrecy and adequate treatment for each situation, without conflicts of interest.

You can choose to give an anonymous description or identify yourself. The option with identification is for cases in which the narrator is willing to be contacted for clarification of possible doubts about the account provided. Exposures with identification are very important, as they can make the investigation more effective. We remind you that this is a confidential, safe, and reliable channel.


Please describe the situation that motivated you to seek this channel.

It is important that your information be complete and detailed. Don't forget to include in it:

  1. What (description of the situation);
  2. Who (names of people involved, including witnesses);
  3. When (date the situation happened, is happening, or will happen);
  4. Where (location of the report);
  5. Why? (the cause or reason);
  6. How much (if it can be measured);
  7. Proof (if it exists and where it can be found).

Thank you for your initiative and trust!